Babula Hotel


eat & sleep

day & night

A welcoming and warm hangout to eat, sleep and have fun. Created by friends, for friends.

swing by and get spoiled!

Babula can’t wait to meet you

Located in Vienna’s vibrant 2nd district, just a walk from the city center, Babula offers chic rooms and a friendly atmosphere for travelers and locals. It’s all about community and great food here. Enjoy our yummy breakfasts & try our tasty pizzas and drinks by the famous Randale crew. Babula is open day and night, ready to make your visit unforgettable!

sleep addict?

Enjoy our finest beds

Babula believes that time is always best spent with friends and family, be it day or night. However she knows, that sometimes you just need a place to yourself, to rest your tired body and free your mind.


Not really a breakfast person

High quality food from local farmers

Early bird or late riser, Babula makes sure you start the day right. From simple classics to modern creations, all your tastes and diets will be met. But don’t tell anyone you had breakfast with her, envy will be guaranteed.



We love pizza

Napoli meets Berlin in Vienna. If you think that sounds like the best idea ever, you’re absolutely right. The result of this ménage a trois has been called the best pizza in town on numerous occasions. Just trust Babula on this one: You don’t want to miss this!


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