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Babula Flexible Living

Move in & Get Spoiled

New era, new program. The Babula Hotel am Augarten was established in 2019 as a hip food hotel for locals and travelers alike. In 2020, however, many things turned out differently as expected. That is why Babula wants to shine in a new light. Needless to say, including her accustomed qualities of “trendy design” and “delicious food”.

With the Babula Flexible Living project, we want to rebrand “living in the hotel” by attaching an innovative food package. Hip rooms, an open-minded community and the finest delicacies of the city will make your heart beat faster.

Trendy rooms&Free food

Flexible Living in Food-Heaven

Move in & Get Spoiled

In addition to the nice rooms, you will be spoiled daily with a lovely breakfast at the Babula Breakfast Club and another meal of your choice in our selected partner restaurants: Ramasuri, Pizza Randale, Weinschenke, Drechsler and Tewa. No matter if lunch or dinner, take away or walk in. No matter if only in one or alternately in all restaurants. Babula loves food and food loves Babula.


Hard Facts

  • Central location
  • Top infrastructure
  • Rooms 20-35 m2
  • Beds 160-200cm
  • Coco Mat mattresses
  • Breakfast included
  • Lunch or Dinner included @ Ramasuri, Pizza Randale, Weinschenke, Drechsler, Tewa, Florentin.
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Towel service
  • Starting from 1st of June

from €899 / Monthly

from €299 / Weekly

Here’s how it works:

Babula can’t wait to spoil you!
Send an email to and secure your room at Food-Heaven.

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Which room categories are available for flexible living?

There are two room categories available:
Standard Room: EUR 899/month and EUR 299/week
King Room: EUR 999/month and EUR 349/week

What about periods of stay that are not exactly weekly or monthly?

The product is offered on a monthly or weekly basis only, any extra nights can be booked at standard hotel rates or else an extra Flexible Living week can be added, which will not be consumed in full.

Is there any offer for couples?

Couples are of course allowed and desired. The second person only pays half of the amount.

Example: Standard Room for 2 persons costs EUR 1.298/month (1st person EUR 899 + 2nd person EUR 399) or EUR 448 per week (1st person EUR 299 + 2nd person EUR 149)

Are drinks included in the offer?

Breakfast at the Babula Breakfast Club includes one hot beverage, but drinks at our partner restaurants are not included in the package.

How does it work with the partner restaurants?

Breakfast is included at our in-house Babula Breakfast Club. The second meal can be consumed in our partner restaurants, but you will need a reservation by phone (first name + last name + Babula Flexible Living must be mentioned).

If I miss a free meal will it be credited?

A missed meal cannot be made up on another day.